Have you ever stopped to consider what a world without web developers would be like? Think of the course of your day: you probably wake up, check if you have any emails, maybe check your social media notifications and browse through your social media feeds awhile. Perhaps you have a few more moments to spare before you dreadfully start your day so you head over to your favorite news reading website and flip through the headlines. If your in Northern Ontario like we are you undoubtedly check the weather before heading out the door so you can determine whether you need to let your car warm up for the usual 5 minutes or 20 if it’s particularly cold outside.

You merrily continue through your day tending to the things that matter in your world when you realize that you have a question that needs answering so you’ll pull out your phone and head over to Google and pose your question in a conversational manner from which Google will return all sorts of insightful and relevant results. By the time you get home you need to decide what’s for dinner and god knows there’s enough recipes on Pinterest to keep you browsing until you fall asleep hungry. But let’s assume you don’t fall into the Pinterest vortex, let’s assume you want to hit up a local restaurant so you head over to Yelp and find something that sounds interesting to you then you head over to that restaurant’s website to browse their menu, check their prices, and find their hours. Maybe you go so far as to make a reservation right there on their website. You hop in your car and tap the address for directions, you arrive on time, your reservation is waiting, you check in, snap a few pictures of your food, write a review and receive the bill. ‘Now accepting PayPal’ it might read. So you hold your phone over their RFID device and sign away your money.

You head home, log into your banking and make sure your accounts are still in check, maybe even pay a few bills while you’re at it. Then you sit down for a quiet movie on Netflix. You grab a snack and log your calories on your favorite fitness app and decide that you best do a quick workout before you get too close to bedtime. So you YouTube some videos to guide you through your workout and keep you motivated. Hopefully you’ll hit the shower after your workout and if you’re like us you probably throw on your favorite music streaming app to listen to while you’re in the shower and getting ready for bed. Then you’ll lay down in bed maybe watch something else or read a book through your favorite reading app.

Can you imagine a world where none of this would be possible? That’s a world without web developers. We’re proud to be members of this group who have so profoundly changed the way we live and given us all the many amenities that we take so much for granted in our digital age. Next time you see a web developer give him or her a high-five and show your thanks!

P.s. Web developers didn’t do any of this alone: there were the people with the ideas, the people with the money, and other supporting parties. So, instead, maybe just high-five everybody you see because I want to live in a world with more high-fives.