Businesses often approach me who want to launch a campaign tomorrow. To which my response is typically a respectful ‘no’. The problem with waiting until the last minute to plan and launch your campaigns is that you’re limiting the quality of campaign and thereby severely limiting the results the campaign will produce. Many of the potential clients who approach me in this manner are missing some of the key components that would go into shaping a high-quality campaign: things such as any semblance of a strategic direction, a brand strategy, or even a simple marketing strategy scratched onto a cocktail napkin. These are things we can and certainly do help our clients with, but they all require time and attention.

Businesses should know that when they approach CurveFront for help launching a campaign that they are approaching a business that prides itself on launching high-quality and highly effective campaigns for its clients. So, although it can be hard to say ‘no’ to some potential customers, it is done out of necessity as it is part of our marketing strategy to only do the job if we have the time and resources to do the job right and earn the results on which we pride ourselves.

All that said, what affects the campaign planning timeline? The first thing that we must consider is what sort of assets will be required because the asset production process is usually the longest running phase of the campaign planning process. A campaign that is going to rely heavily on video content versus one with only graphics or photography or neither are vastly different, and the project timeline and budget will always reflect that difference. Ask yourself:

  • Does your campaign require written copy?
  • Do you have a brand identity document that outlines your brand voice guidelines?
  • What about your brand’s visual identity guidelines?
  • Do you have access to writers, photographers, videographers, animators, graphic designers, etcetera, on staff that are familiar with your brand identity and can produce the necessary assets quickly and accurately?

These are just a small selection of the variables which affect the timeline for planning a campaign.

The question remains: is there a rule of thumb for how early one should start planning a campaign? I’m compelled to say no, but you can most likely get by planning six months into the future. This rule should be used sparingly out of preference for developing an actual project timeline based on the real campaign requirements. The best rule of thumb will always be: the sooner, the better.

It’s easy to get caught up in spending marketing dollars on a whim. When you create a plan and stick to it, you can be sure that what you’re spending your marketing dollars on initiatives that are driving your business towards its strategic and marketing goals.

So what do the next 6 to 12 months look like for your business? It’s easy to assume that any company will be planning to run a campaign at some point in the next 6 to 12 months. So what have you done to start preparing to launch your best campaign yet?

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