Many marketers are scrambling as the rise of ad blocking technology ever-increasingly threatens their status-quo marketing landscape. Worries will continue to mount as our ability to litter our target audiences’ online experiences with ads, but this is not the digital advertising apocalypse, in fact, this is a tremendous opportunity to press further down the road we’ve all been on for the perceivable past.

Information inundated users have made it clear to the marketing community that they want quality content that is going to help them in their moments of need. We’re all so excessively exposed to ads in our daily browsing activities that most of us are learning to tune out much of what is shoved into our faces. Users are naturally adapting and learning to tune out the noise.

Enter content marketing, a method by which brands can produce useful content that is going to foster a relationship between itself and it’s target audience. Unfortunately, quality content is much more laborious and requires a much deeper level of creativity than throwing up some display ads across various properties online, and it’s for that reason that many seem to be ignoring the inevitability of content marketing as being the new dominant marketing tactic that brands need to adopt.

Since the widespread adoption of YouTube as a primary resource for video content, we’ve witnessed another remarkable opportunity. Influencer marketing has provided YouTuber’s opportunity to earn some revenue from their channels and provided marketers an opportunity to have a third-party present their product or service in a positive light to their target audience(s). As our “easy” advertising options continue to disappear, we’ll see a major growth in adoption of influencer marketing as a high-quality means of marketing a brand’s message.

So worry not fellow marketers and businesses, although we’re witnessing the decline of a principal medium, we’re also seeing the boom of a couple of others. What’s great is that these other mediums provide exponentially more value to our target audience thus casting our brands in a much more positive light, so everybody wins.

Adapt or perish.

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