Digital Strategy

It’s about promoting your business online in a strategic way to save your time and your money.


Your money will be well-spent in a controlled manner creating ideal conditions for a stellar return-on-investment.

Save Time

You work in your business because you’re great at what you do. Why comprise customer satisfaction by distracting yourself from doing what you do best?

World Class Talent

Keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape is a full-time job by itself. Bring in a team of world-class experts to set you off in the right direction.

The internet is a core piece of daily human life but many businesses struggle to take advantage of its possibilities. Many are not even aware of the consequences of not keeping up with the digital evolution.

With an ever-changing digital landscape, it can be extremely difficult to identify the right initiatives for your business to take promoting itself online. Identifying the right initiatives means you must be aware of the impacts of each possibility in order to make sure your money is well-spent.

Many have experienced the frustration of just jumping into creating a website or some social media profiles which gain little to no traction after significant time and money being invested into them.

What’s missing is a detailed plan to point the way to relevance for your business in the digital era. What’s missing is a digital strategy.

A digital strategy has four main objectives:

  1. Identify and refine who your audience truly is, where they reside online, and how to reach them.
  2. Outline channels to target given your audiences online behaviours
  3. Create a plan of action for measuring the success of the online initiatives
  4. And, finally, the ways we can optimize our success with the online initiatives

Frequently Asked Questions

How are digital strategies developed?

Through tireless commitment to figuring out the core of what your business represents, facilitated workshops and discussions, and many hours of research we can garner a lot of important information about what should be your focus moving forward with digital.

If the digital strategy does include a specific initiative such as a website, is it CurveFront who will be creating that?

CurveFront is a digital marketing agency which means we sub-contract out work to other experts when we can. We specialize in determining the right initiatives for your business and making sure that we bring the right people in to bring those initiatives to fruition.

What does this all cost?

A digital strategy can arguably only be done properly by taking a very specific set of items into account. The trouble with that is 98% of businesses are SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) who are not building billion dollar brands but want to establish a strong online marketing presence without breaking their banks. It’s for that reason that we tailor our solutions to the business we are working for. Our goal is to craft an online marketing strategy which boasts such a strong return-on-investment that our own time will be more than covered.

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