5 Key Takeaways from Google AdWords’ “Micro-Moments” Livestream

Google AdWords hosted a quick live stream event today discussing the new battleground for brands. The event was hosted by Google AdWords employee Matt Lawson. Lawson brought many great points to our attention so we thought we’d do you all a solid by providing you with the five key takeaways from the live stream.

1. People desire more immediacy in addressing their needs than ever
People increasingly rely on their mobile devices and relevant search results to address momentary needs. Matt Lawson from Google AdWords used the example of a woman who broke her milk frother while making a cappuccino who turned to her mobile device, searched for a new milk frother, and made a purchase in the moment for the first relevant result she found. This behaviour of solving our needs with such immediacy has become what Google describes as the new battleground for brands.

2. People are maximizing their life experiences through “Micro-Moments”
People want to know how to live their lives to the fullest and having fingertip access to any answer you desire is helping people achieve this. Marketers need to be aware of these everyday needs and seek to offer creative ways to fulfill these every day “Micro-Moments”.

3. Mobile conversion rates grew 29%
Through data collected from websites across the web using Google Analytics, Google has found that mobile conversion rates grew a staggering 29% in this year. This brings back the example of the milk frother and how people want their needs fulfilled immediately. Our portal to having our needs fulfilled with such immediacy is our mobile devices and I suspect we’ll continue to see mobile conversion rates grow at incredible rates.

4. Google continues to set the bar as a resource to solve peoples’ needs
Google has many technologies that are designed to serve people’s micro-moment needs. From rich snippets to click-to-call ads, Google continues to push the threshold of what search can offer. By embracing these tools sooner than later you can be sure your brand will be well on its way to serving people’s growing immediate needs and shortening the conversion path for your sales. With these great tools everybody wins!

5. Marketers need to evaluate how they are serving people’s immediate needs
Matt Lawson offered a great list of action items that markets can incorporate into their strategies today:
1. Identify micro-moments that matter to your business
2. Deliver on people’s needs in the moment
3. Measure all moments that matter
As marketers, we want to measure everything but it’s important to find the creative metrics which tell the true story of user behaviour. Build personas for your customers, determine their needs and thoughts, and get creative with how you solve those needs and thoughts. This knowledge will certainly help us at CurveFront as we’re developing our next digital marketing campaigns and we hope that this information provides value to all who read it.