Another great brand by CurveFront

We’re very happy to announce the launch of a recently developed brand for another local company now named AdTrakt.

AdTrakt is a reference to the first phase of the marketing funnel ‘attract’. The name also implies a tract/expanse/network used for advertising.

Behind the logo design
We wanted to imply a network within the name so we switched the ‘c’ for a ‘k’ and added a couple nodes to it. We also wanted to emphasize the feeling of an expanse by extending the foot of the ‘k’ down to lead the eye to the final point of the slogan. We wanted the logo to exhibit feelings of friendliness, cheerfulness, confidence, trust, dependability, and strength. We accomplished this by using orange as the dominant colour to emphasize a positive light, accented with a light blue to elicit feelings of trust and dependability. We also bolded the word ‘ad’ to add some strength to the logo and emphasize that AdTrakt is an advertising business.

The Slogan(s)
The name brought many great opportunities for fun slogans that are in themselves a call-to-action such as ‘get your campaign on trak’ or ‘give your campaign traktion’.

For more information about AdTrakt visit their website