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When should I start planning a campaign?

Businesses often approach me who want to launch a campaign tomorrow. To which my response is typically a respectful ‘no’. The problem with waiting until the last minute to plan and launch your campaigns is that you’re limiting the quality of campaign and thereby severely limiting the results

Rise of the Ad Blockers

Many marketers are scrambling as the rise of ad blocking technology ever-increasingly threatens their status-quo marketing landscape. Worries will continue to mount as our ability to litter our target audiences’ online experiences with ads, but this is not the digital advertising apocalypse,

How to hack more growth with POEM fundamentals

What is your POEM? Strategic understanding of your marketing POEM can give your business significant reach at a fraction of the cost of simply hammering one channel without any strategic direction. POEM is actually a marketing acronym which stands for Paid Owned and Earned Media. It is used to refer to a marketing framework which [...]

How to Easily Overcome a Painful Customer Experience

Customer journey maps are a popular tool in Customer Experience (CX). Don’t let the acronym or the name fool you. These things are not the Cryptex from Davinci Code, but the insight they unlock will be equally as valuable. The main goal of a customer journey map is to help a business understand what a [...]

How to Make an Awesome Digital Marketing Budget

So you’ve decided digital marketing is worth its salt. Where do you go now? Where do you start? Beyond ensuring that your brand is rock-solid for the foreseeable future, figuring out an effective budget is something any good agency will be able to help you with. It all comes down to some simple statistics and [...]

North Bay Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Month

Born and raised in North Bay, Thomas Brown graduated from St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School before moving to Toronto to complete Seneca College’s Bachelor of Technology in Software Development. Thomas has since moved back and owns a home in downtown North Bay with his wife, Jennifer. In his leisure time, Thomas enjoys reading, playing [...]

Geo-fencing – Location-triggered mobile advertising

Imagine for a second that you’re the proprietor of a well-established local produce store. You’ve noticed your revenues dropping as your loyal customers are trying out the new big brand grocery store that just opened up in town. How do you compete? Wouldn’t it be nice to send an offer directly to your customers at [...]

The Scary Side of Do-it-Yourself Websites

As professionals, we’re poignantly aware of the fine balance between cost, time, and quality. For every progression in one of these categories, a concession is made in the others. The key to any successful project is determining which of the three is finite and then maximize the remainders optimally. In most scenarios, budget is finite, [...]

Lead Generation and Sales Specialist

Job Requirements CurveFront is seeking a professional with lead generation and sales experience for commission based contract. An experienced Lead Generation Specialist with a solid track record for prospecting, qualifying and generating new digital marketing sales leads. An individual highly motivated, self-starter able to identify and develop new business prospects from multiple sources including inbound [...]

Another great brand by CurveFront

We're very happy to announce the launch of a recently developed brand for another local company now named AdTrakt. AdTrakt is a reference to the first phase of the marketing funnel 'attract'. The name also implies a tract/expanse/network used for advertising. Behind the logo design We wanted to imply a network within the name so [...]

A World Without Web Developers

Have you ever stopped to consider what a world without web developers would be like? Think of the course of your day: you probably wake up, check if you have any emails, maybe check your social media notifications and browse through your social media feeds awhile. Perhaps you have a few more moments to spare [...]

Learn the Lingo: What’s most important to your web presence?

Building a strong web presence isn’t something we should put off. In our last publication, we discussed the keys to digital marketing success in 2015 and, supported by some interesting statistics, we explained why those items were so important. With your web presence becoming a deciding factor in customers’ purchase decisions, your web presence should [...]

3 Keys to Web Marketing Success in 2015

With 2014 in the books, many business owners have their eyes set on the New Year. Many will resolve to make business changes that will lead to their “best year yet.” Sadly, a resolution is only as good the longevity of the commitment made toward its achievement. Regardless of how hard you may work toward [...]