Our Name

We take to heart the responsibility of protecting our clients from the threats of scope-creep, over-charging, poor-quality deliverables, and excessive timelines. It’s this responsibility that has driven us to make on-going education our top priority and our namesake (to be in ‘front’ of the ‘curve’). It’s through our on-going education that we learn what tools/channels/strategies are available to us, how to implement/optimize them, how long relevant work should take, and how much that same work should cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses to attract and retain customers through intelligent and effective digital marketing strategies.

Our Story

In 2013, Thomas Brown founded CurveFront as a web design and development company with the goal of creating more jobs in Ontario’s North. Thomas quickly learned that behind every great website there must be some understanding about the target audience, a strategy to drive that audience to the website, and a strategy to turn those visitors into customers. Through his commitment to on-going learning, Thomas acquired a wealth of knowledge surrounding digital marketing and quickly learned that subject matter experts are required in order to effectively make use of the many strategies and technologies available. Thus, CurveFront Digital Marketing Agency was born.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy 90%
  • Content Marketing 75%
  • Vendor Management 75%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%

Our Values


To improve the depth and breadth of our knowledge as well as the elasticity of our brains. To embody critical thought.


To be awake physically and spiritually. To improve our thoughts, emotions, and sensations through our own volition. To have concern for social causes that harm the spirit of humanity and the human experience.


To develop and display our character and individuality by letting our inner child out to play, have fun, and be silly.


To see boundaries as landmarks instead of limits. To ignore patterns. Ignore logic. Break pre-conceived conceptual relationships. To create new ideas, methods, interpretations with significance. To live with imagination and belief.


To conserve and manage our natural resources. To protect our planet. To undo environmental damage.


To promote warm and affectionate conduct. To unify humans. To promote familial love between all people.

Our Founder

Thomas Brown

Thomas Brown


After a quick glance at work his cousin was doing for a web development course, Thomas Brown discovered his lifelong love of technology. At seven, he was beginning to develop websites. At nine, he was admitted to an adult program at Canadore College, completing certificates in HTML I/II/III and digital media arts. At 16, he had his first programming job.

He later broadened his education with a Bachelor of Technology in Software Development and became a designated member of CIPS (Canadian Information Processions Society).

After working for several firms, Brown found there was a need for supportive and effective digital marketing in Northern Ontario – specifically his home town of North Bay – and CurveFront Digital Marketing was born.

CurveFront Digital Marketing provides expert guidance to businesses wishing to develop and launch comprehensive digital marketing campaigns and also provides ongoing guidance in monitoring and optimizing the campaign to maximize return on investment.

In addition to his commitment to his clients, Brown also volunteers his time with the North Bay Symphony Orchestra through the United Way Young Leaders on Board Program. He is a member of the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Committee, where he hopes to proactively represent the young professionals of North Bay and area, and he proudly received their Young Professional of the Month Award for January 2016.

Thomas is a passionate supporter of the Canadian Blood Services. He hopes that all those who are in  good health will call 1-888-2-DONATE to book a donation appointment today.

Why an agency?

The reality is nobody can be a master of all trades which is why we’re focused on being masters of digital strategy and content marketing. Initiatives such as SEO, online advertising, etcetera, require experts in those focus areas that we’ll bring into your project and manage to keep you working in your business instead of working on it.

What happened to the alliteration of the core values?

We believe love is such a fundamental component to human existence that it should stand apart from the crowd. By breaking the pattern of C’s in our core values we believe we’ve done that concept justice.

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