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CurveFront Digital Marketing is based out of North Bay in Northern Ontario Canada. We offer worry-free digital marketing support so you can stay focused on working in our business instead of on your business. We want to see you be our next big success story! So click below and let’s get started!

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Set Goals

It can be difficult to set goals for ourselves and our business. Which is why we help our clients to build their goals up based on the lifestyle they want and the vision they have for their business.

Set a Budget

Based on your goals, we help you determine a digital marketing budget that will progress you and your business towards your goals.

Build your Personas

Through building buyer personas we will better understand your audience, where to reach them, and how to engage them with great content.

Create a Digital Strategy

We’ll craft a digital strategy which will outline the right online marketing initiatives to reach your audience and how we’re going to monitor those initiatives to ensure that they are performing at their absolute best.

Rise of the Ad Blockers

Many marketers are scrambling as the rise of ad blocking technology ever-increasingly threatens their status-quo marketing landscape. Worries will continue to mount as our ability to litter our target audiences’ online experiences with ads, but this is not the...
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How to hack more growth with POEM fundamentals

What is your POEM? Strategic understanding of your marketing POEM can give your business significant reach at a fraction of the cost of simply hammering one channel without any strategic direction. POEM is actually a marketing acronym which stands for Paid Owned and...
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How to Easily Overcome a Painful Customer Experience

Customer journey maps are a popular tool in Customer Experience (CX). Don’t let the acronym or the name fool you. These things are not the Cryptex from Davinci Code, but the insight they unlock will be equally as valuable. The main goal of a customer journey map is to...
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How to Make an Awesome Digital Marketing Budget

So you’ve decided digital marketing is worth its salt. Where do you go now? Where do you start? Beyond ensuring that your brand is rock-solid for the foreseeable future, figuring out an effective budget is something any good agency will be able to help you with. It...
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North Bay Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Month

Born and raised in North Bay, Thomas Brown graduated from St. Joseph-Scollard Hall Catholic Secondary School before moving to Toronto to complete Seneca College’s Bachelor of Technology in Software Development. Thomas has since moved back and owns a home in downtown...
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Louis O'Reilly

Vice President, Invictus Entertainment

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